Ex Guerilla Grower


Age 64


Occasional work as trimmer or laborer


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How did you get into the marijuana industry?

The first time I started farming (growing marijuana) was back in ‘77 and it was highly illegal then. Lots of ripoffs. If it wasn’t the cops it was the ripoffs. I used to sleep with a rifle. And if we got caught, me and my buddies, we would have gone to prison.

I moved here in 1980, which is when it got very serious here. For awhile in the late 80’s, early 90’s, you could go to jail for one plant. This was right before 215 kicked in. You had to hide it. You couldn’t grow it anywhere outside. I haven’t grown pot in 3 or 4 years now. I came to town, and it’s technically illegal.

It gets tiring being a criminal. What you’re doing isn’t really that big of a thing, you smoke weed, but to some people it is. They think you’re a big criminal and some people look at it like that. Particularly in the past, cops used to beat people up for shit like this.