Single Man


35 years old

Living in Hayfork since 2006


You were saying that you’re less invested in marijuana growing over time?

Well, I think that stems from my lack of money and number crunching being a highly motivating factor in my life. I’ve begun to be aware more of […] what the purpose of being a human being really is. And how brief and fragile our time here is. And mainly just wanting to do more with my life than dedicate it to these weeds, that (for) most people seem to perpetually kind of enslave (them) more and more.

Do you think that’s true?

I do.  Yeah, I mean most of my friends here usually have gradually stepped it up year after year. Bigger plants, more plants, bigger yields…just kind of…a lot of people are pretty ‘round-the-clock’ with it, you know–all year dedication. They keep things going all winter, looking forward to next year. I feel like I am the polar opposite of that.

What do you think of growing as a lifestyle in general? Do you think it’s positive?

Yeah, I do. I think it’s on some level good, old-fashioned growing (agriculture). I think it opens doors to lots of things that people may not have been exposed to. Just, you know, natural systems and ecology.  It is sort of basic growing on some level, but with the kind of Wild West/Gold Rush twist of incredible amounts of money involved. And lots of things at stake–the risk of jail time, things like that, that don’t apply to conventional growing.


So, we have a lot of people participating in this industry, but it’s future isn’t certain, and so they aren’t necessarily making a long-term investment in their future job plans. So what do you think will happen to a lot of these people who are growing without a plan b?

I’m concerned for them. I think–so for many people, really, the dedication is phenomenal. It’s the main focus of their lives that I’ve seen. Like they take better care of the plants than themselves, they care more about their (the plants’) nutrient uptake than their own. And I feel like at this point in time without a plan b they could be quite surprised in the near future. Just the way it’s snowballing toward some sort of unknown. The main trade they have is tending for these plants, and if that were to fall through, there’s a lack of common sense and practical skills. I mean, I’ve heard stories of people who had to give it up for various reasons and were completely lost and depressed. Like, you know, lost their property, or got in legal trouble, and just didn’t know what to do with themselves because they’ve been round-the-clock focused on weed for decades, you know?

But even these people, who have been growing here in their twenties, but will come out of the ether in their thirties…and have to go reintegrate into legit life (legal employment and lifestyle). And what do you even say? How do you get a job?

Especially with the kind of disproportionate financial aspect of it, just being able to, you know–people making brain surgeon wages every year–that you know, once that falls through, what are you going to do at this point?